• March 13, 2023
    The code appears to be a PHP script that is intended to process a form submission. Here is a brief overview of what the script does:
    First, it checks if the script is being accessed directly. If so, it displays an error message and exits.
    Then, it starts a session and checks if the form has been submitted too quickly or if the same form has been submitted too frequently.
    It then performs various input validation checks on the submitted form data, including checking for dangerous code, checking if the topic input is in Thai characters, checking if the name input only contains alphabets, checking if the phone number input is in a valid format, checking if the email address input is in a valid format and has an allowed domain, and checking if the detail input includes any banned words or URLs.
    Finally, it checks if the user has spent at least 50 seconds on the page before submitting the form. If all of the validation checks pass, the form data is considered valid and can be processed further.
    Overall, the code seems to be designed to help prevent common types of form abuse, such as spamming, injection attacks, and inappropriate content. However, it is difficult to assess the code's effectiveness or correctness without more information about the specific form being processed and the overall system architecture.


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