• April 4, 2024

    8 Life Lessons from “How Will You Measure Your Life?” by Clayton M. Christensen

    1. Success isn’t just about money or career achievements. This book challenges you to define success based on your own values and what truly matters to you.

    2. Just like you wouldn’t run a business without a plan, don’t approach life on autopilot. The book encourages using sound principles to guide your decisions and achieve a fulfilling life.

    3. Track your progress towards your goals, not just financial ones. Consider metrics like the quality of your relationships, your contribution to society, and your overall happiness.

    4. Strong, healthy relationships are a cornerstone of a fulfilling life. The book emphasizes prioritizing time and effort towards nurturing your family bonds.

    5. Small compromises on your values can lead down a slippery slope. The book encourages maintaining integrity and sticking to your principles, even when it’s difficult.

    6. Don’t just chase a paycheck. Pursue a career that aligns with your interests and allows you to contribute something meaningful to the world.

    7. Never stop learning and growing. The book highlights the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement throughout your life.

    8. Align your actions with your values. Live authentically and strive to leave a positive impact on the world around you.

    Book: https://amzn.to/4aC7HnS

    You can also get the audio book for freee. Use the same link to register for the audio book on audible and start enjoying it


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