Using the service
STEP 1 Information requirements + quotation
STEP 2 Contracting + 50% payment
STEP 3 Create a website
STEP 4 Check jobs with customers + edit ,more
STEP 5 Deliver work + Upload to website + Pay 50%

- 2 language websites, add each language 50%
-Website supports mobile phones, Tablet (Responsive website) add 50%
- Make crossing browser add 50%
customer : Contact to make a website / email :
TEAM : Send quotation

customer+TEAM : Price agree and summarize the scope of work (To be understood exactly)
customer : Accept job by 50% payment

TEAM : Design Mock up (isn't Demo)Send for viewing and editing according to comments. (Overall web style system)
customer : Submit all information on the website.

TEAM : Proceed Make a website
customer : Check the work and test the website on the actual webpage + Pay the remaining 50%

customer :Create Domain Name. (If not already available)
TEAM :Upload website to Server
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