Information for making a website
Website preparation You must prepare various information. That want to be displayed on the website for us: other image messages
1. General basic information
Company name / agency / company address / company logo image (LOGO) / map image, atmosphere in the company Personnel, teams, machines, production, or others you need.

2. Information about the company
Vision, Mission / Greetings from the Senior Executive Committee / Board of Directors Specify location with photos / other

3. Product and service information
Product photos / systematic product classification / general product information: product name, definition, specific features, price / download form / payment Bank account number

4. Contact information
Contact name, position, phone and internal contact number, email, photos / information needed from the customer in case of having a Contact Form

5. Other information
- Terms and agreements
- Customer list / After sales service / Certificate / Corporate social activities / Activities
- Articles

Hiring a website Comparable to hiring a printing house, printing books, journals
If no information The printing house will take anything to print. Is no different with website preparation

Make a website Comparable to building a house Building Building
What kind of house or building do you want to use? Some people want a house with a swimming pool, a basement, a secret room, a multi-storey house. , Decorative patterns, colors, etc.

Therefore have to agree before making a website To determine the plan for creating the web Time boundary

What is number of websites page?
The number of pages of a website is that each page of the website is comparable to the pages of each page of book and not more than 1A4, including 1 image. It is considered as 1 page. It may count from the number of links of the website as well. For website systems that can increase unlimited number of pages by yourselves, you can comparable same note book that have blank pages as your purchased, It is not include anything such as the book has 20 pages blank (10 sheets), not including the cover.

The website that makes the initial 7 pages will provide information for 7 pages. How much do you want to put in the rest? If the website has many pages And wish to complete the information, such as 100 pages. We will charge the same price at the same time.