Web content course with CMS wordpress
Teach WordPress from real experience, learn WordPress by doing
1. Install WordPress in real hosting (to make a real website)
2. Make content (page,post)
3. Manage website menus
4. Use Widget
5. Install the wordpress plugin to increase website capabilities.
6. Backup data (Backup wordpress)

1. Install WordPress as a auto script.
2. WordPress Control Panel admin page
3. Initial adjustments
WordPress installation : Offline (Xampp / MySQL)
4. Install a web simulation system with Xampp software
5. Create MySQL database.
6. Install WordPress as a manual

1. Create and manage articles.
2. Customize the article By using the basic form (only necessary parts Do not focus on programming)
3. Customize articles with images, videos, and placing links in articles (Image - YouTube - Links)
4. Customize links Article consistent to SEO principles

1. Create and manage menus
2. Customize various features Of the menu - main menu,standard menu

1. Manage WordPress Theme Standard
2. Change standard theme from the search system WordPress
3. Change Theme Download (free theme from various sources)
4. Change logo, color illustration, background image link (Logo - Header - Background - Hyperlinks)

1. Plug-in management
2. plug-in: Social
3. Plug-in: Contact Form

9: Upload to the real host *
1. Backup the web database
2. Uploading a WordPress web site from Localhost to the real host.

Other courses: woocommerce wordpress, customization, Theme editor for beautiful (CSS), edit, customize code to get information like you, create a theme

Training Course Create a website with WordPress. Basics - Create a website.
Private / online + Ask, answer support

Who Should Attend
1. Beginners, interested to make website
2. Businesses / Increase marketing channels online
From the basics to creating WordPress websites.

Things to prepare
1. Basic information
2. Information of company
3. Product and service information
4. Contact information
5. Other information